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Using the Pump-N-Seal™ to Save Those Holiday Leftovers

Dec 12, 2022 | What Makes Us Unique | 0 comments

Whether you enjoy turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, latkes, or sugar cookies there are plenty of delicious foods that are shared during the holiday season. After a get-together with family and friends, no one wants any of that tasty meal to go to waste. If you just toss your leftovers in a storage container and into the fridge they can lose their flavor and nutrients in no time.

The beauty of Pump-N-Seal® is that it is a simple and effective tool to preserve foods as you are washing that endless stack of dishes. It works with a variety of containers so you can pack up traditional zipper-locking bags with the D-Flater Stik™, use check-valve bags, or save remaining food in mason or recycled jars. The power of the Pump-N-Seal® creates a strong seal quickly and easily to avoid having to spend hours cleaning up the remnants of your family feast. Food stays fresh and ready to enjoy later, which means you get more time to enjoy what’s good about the holidays.

If you are visiting loved ones and plan to keep some leftovers, Pump-N-Seal® is small enough to toss in with the items you are bringing. No need to transport a cumbersome machine or make things more difficult for yourself.  Once the meal is over you can easily vacuum seal what is left and fit it all in a cooler. Food that is sealed in a bag can be stacked in a refrigerator drawer to maximize space in your refrigerator once you are back home. 

If your loved ones are envious of the convenience and efficiency your Pump-N-Seal® offers, you just may want to gift them one of their own for the Holidays. The $34.95 Original Pump-N-Seal® System makes a great gift that stands the test of time with our 10-year manufacturer warranty. Our pumps are made in the USA and built from high-quality materials so it is a powerful, and easy to use tool for everyone on your list this season.