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The Pump-N-Seal® is durable and has been used in kitchens, boats, RVs and more for over 30 years. See what some of our happy customers have to say about their Pump-N-Seal® experience.
Dear Sirs,
If you want to know if I am satisfied with your prodt, just check out
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THANK YOU for a great product!
Go to http// and check it out.  It is some of the best money I EVER spent.

 I got a pump-n-seal a few days ago. I did not expect much since it was so inexpensive. SURPRISE! It works. You can vacuum the air out of ordinary jars such as pickles and salsa. You can’t do that with Food Saver. The bowl seal also works just as promised. However if you want to vacuum & seal bags you probably want the Food Saver. There is a huge difference in price. I have both. If could have only one, I would choose the pump-n-seal.

I wish I had found your site a couple of days ago. I had just ordered three of your Pump N Seals for Christmas gifts.  I am a firm believer in your Pump N Seal. I have two of them for myself with one of them being a back up. I purchased the first one in ’98 from the Epicenter website. I buy gallon jars of pickles, mayo, mustard and olives, repack them in smaller jars and use the Pump N Seal to seal them. Fantastic! I bored a hole in the end of a four inch long by 3/4 inch dowel and glued the push pin into it. It is much easier to punch the hole in the jar lids that way. Sometimes the sealing compound on lids doesn’t seal well so I run a hair dryer on hot around the edge of the lid. That softens the sealing compound and they seal right up. I never fail to show new friends how well the Pump N Seal works and have promoted it many times on some of the homesteading and survival email lists I am on. 
Thank you,

Hi… I bought a Pump N Seal several years ago and now have a interest in the bag adapter. Can I buy the adapter separately? I actually use the pump in a industrial processes where I need to quickly deair fast setting resins. It works well and it’s a lot faster than messing around with my electric vacuum pump. Let me know if I can get the bag adapter. Thanks.

 Yes, I bought one about 5 years ago. It works as advertised. The thing I like best is that you can use any jar that was originally vacuum sealed. It is a little difficult to make it work perfectly with the plastic bags however. It is so convenient since it just sits in a drawer. I have an electric model but you need special canisters and you have to have a place to keep it. 
 Hope that helps. 

I bought one at Montgomery Wards. It works like they said, despite the overhype.
 It is not used for marinizing, since I have an electric “Minute Marinizer”.  It does seal zip type bags, just do not have anything sharp in the bag. I have some spice jars that the contents have stayed fresher in. One big thing was that the illiterate area we are moving from (Charleston, SC) has a very high humidity index, and I can keep a lot of supplies dry using the sealer and another wonderful gagdet.. the bisker. 
 Hope that helps. 
Jon M.

I received my Pump-N-Seal yesterday. I’ve already used it to seal several jars. It is fast and easy. Thanks so much.

I want to thank you for saving us over $50.00.  We had a very minor problem and called you about it when you were closed.  We were getting ready to juice and leave for six days and would have lost well over fifty dollars in produce and fruit we couldn’t juice and Pump-N-Seal unless we heard from you. Well, you did call and resolved the problem in a few seconds.  As a result, we were able to have really fresh juice twice a day all six days plus peaches too.  It was totally impossible to tell any differenc between the taste on the first day and the last day. Oh wait, another way to look at it would be to say thanks for the free Pump-N-Seal and accessories because you saved us more than we paid for it.


Customers for life,

Randy and Kimberly

 I also have both the FoodSaver (FS) and the Pump-N-Seal (PNS). I don’t use the FS at all any more. Had some trouble with the FS bags leaking. The only thing I put in bags is fresh meat. Although you can vacuum seal zipper bags with the PNS, I prefer the commercial quality “vacuum barrier” co-polymer bags and use a heat sealer and the PNS to do a real professional job. These vacuum barrier bags are thicker, reusable and don’t leak. I bought the PNS, 1000 vacuum barrier bags and the commercial quality heat-sealer for less than I paid for 8 rolls of FS bags. I use the PNS 99% of the time on ordinary jars and any of my own pots, pans or bowls (any size) using the Bowl-Seal accessory. Best of all the PNS creates about 20% stronger vacuum than the FS.  Donna should try the PNS.