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Pump-N-Seal® vs. FoodSaver®

Nov 18, 2022 | What Makes Us Unique | 0 comments

With so many options on the market for food preservation, both automated and manual, it is important to find the product that fits your needs. Here is a comparison of the Pump-N-Seal® vs. automated options like the FoodSaver.


No Power Required

Pump-N-Seal® makes things convenient by operating with no charging, batteries, or power needed. It is easy to just pull out and vacuum seal your food items without having to rely on an external power source. Automated systems do require power, which can affect where and how the product will be used. Even automated handheld options must be charged while Pump-N-Seal® is always available to use without having to plan ahead.

This makes the Pump-N-Seal perfect for when you are on the go in any activity where access to power isn’t always easy, like when you are camping, on a boat, or in an RV. Plus it is one less cord cluttering up your kitchen!


Fits Easily in a Drawer

The slim design of Pump-N-Seal® allows it to take up very little room in your kitchen or living space, saving much needed space on your counter. Our customers love taking the Pump-N-Seal® boating, fishing, and on RV trips making it far more portable than its automated competitors. Other products typically take up a sizable amount of counter or storage space, which can be difficult when you don’t have much to spare.  Take Pump-N-Seal® along wherever your travels may take you.


Easily Used with a Variety of Containers

Our customers tell us that they appreciate the versatility that Pump-N-Seal® offers. It is simple and convenient to preserve food in cans, jars, pots, pans, bowls, traditional zipper seal bags, and bags with a check-valve built in. The ease of use with this array of containers presents several options for vacuum sealing that can be more challenging with an automated system. 


Creates a Stronger Seal

The Pump-N-Seal® produces an extremely strong vacuum because of its patented design and incorporation of high quality materials in its construction. You aren’t bound by the strength and control of an electric motor, which can vary greatly across a wide price range of models. As a result, virtually all of the oxygen is removed from your container which allows food to be preserved and kept fresher for longer at a fraction of the cost. The performance, reliability, and flexibility at the price point of the Pump-N-Seal® sets it apart from its competition.


Cost Effective and High Quality

Everything needed to get started using Pump-N-Seal® with bags, mason jars, and recycled jars can be purchased with our $35 Original Pump-N-Seal. For far less than automated systems you can be set up to quickly and efficiently vacuum seal your favorite foods.

While there are imitation hand pump vacuum sealers, We are different with our use a high quality molded plastic body and cap, stainless steel rod and brass threaded knob. This will ensure you have a durable product you can depend on. Watch out for cheap imitations that don’t have the same high caliber construction. We stand by our product and its reliability by offering a 10-year manufacturer warranty. We want you to feel confident they have the best food preservation tool on the market.