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Pump-N-Seal® + Vacuum Bag System


Our Original Pump-N-Seal® System plus 40 of our Check-Valve Vacuum Bags.

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For jars, bowls, zipper bags, and all your favorite containers -

see how the Pump-N-Seal works!

The Pump-N-Seal®  Plus Vacuum Bag Sealer System

  • World’s simplest, most versatile & most powerful food vacuum sealing system
  • Vacuum Seal mason jars, recycled jars, bags, and bowls along with other containers
  • Extends food freshness and taste
  • Compact design for easy storage – “Stores in Drawer” at 15″ Long x 1.75″ Diameter
  • Easily seals jars, bags, bowls within seconds with our included D-Flater Stik™ attachment or Patented Tab-Chek™ Valves
  • 28.9 Vacuum generated in inches of Hg
  • Easy to use, no batteries or power source required
  • Durable ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Pump-N-Seal® Pumps are Manufactured in the USA
  • Check Valve Vacuum Bags have the check valve built directly into the bags
  • Check Valve Vacuum Bags are BPA free and feature a double zipper closure which makes them great for food storage, freezer storage, and Sous Vide
  • Check Valve Vacuum Bags are reusable, durable, commercial grade, and seal in seconds using the Pump-N-Seal®


        1 Pump-N-Seal® 
        1 roll of 100 Tab-Chek™ check valves
        1 hole punch
        1 spare red plug
        1 bag attachment (D-Flater Stik™)
        1 foam block
        1 instruction sheet
        (20)  11”x10” Small Check Valve Bags
        (20)  13-1/2” x 10-1/8” Large Check Valve Bags

Pump-N-Seal® Pumps are manufactured in the USA & Comes with a 10 Year Warranty

Made in the USA


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