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Bowl-Seal Flav-O-Nator™ Starter


The Bowl-Seal Flav-O-Nator™ is a convenient accessory that allows you to vacuum seal any continuous top bowl. Create the strongest seal on bowls, pots, pans or a variety of other containers to keep your foods fresh for longer!

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For jars, bowls, zipper bags, and all your favorite containers -

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Bowl-Seal Flav-O-Nator™ Starter Pack – Vacuum Sealing & Instant Marinating Accessory

  • Use with the Pump-N-Seal® Food Vacuum Pump (Not included)
  • Marinate foods such as meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables within seconds/minutes by pulling the marinate through the pores using the vacuum sealing process
  • Vacuum Seal ordinary bowls, pots, pans, and a variety of other containers – containers must have a continuous top
  • Keeps salads, stews, soups, leftovers, etc. fresh longer, preserves foods freshness, taste, texture, and nutrients
  • Sturdy Aluminum Disc with Gum Rubber Seal – 2 piece construction for ease of storage and cleaning
  • Sits on your container flat – stackable
  • Seal up to two bowls at once with this starter pack.
1 roll of 100 Tab-Chek™ check valves
1 instruction sheet
1 each 11.5 inch Bowl-Seal Flav-O-Nator™ Lid & Seal
1 each 8.5 inch Bowl-Seal Flav-O-Nator™ Lid & Seal


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