The table below is a comparison between various vacuum sealing devices.  The Pump-N-Seal® is the ONLY vacuum sealer that EXCEEDS the industry standard by OVER 15%.  NO OTHER vacuum sealer (for under $300) gets close to the vacuum power of the Pump-N-Seal… GUARANTEED!  No other vacuum sealer even gets close to the minimum of 26 inches Hg suggested by the food vacuum sealing industry.  The Pump-N-Seal® has been at the top of the list for speed, power, versatility, value, convenience AND storability, since 1988 and remains the vacuum sealer of choice.


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”1″ class=”hover-col1 center-table-align”]

NOTE:  The Pump-N-Seal Vacuum Sealer is 20% more powerful, over 12.5% faster, AND much more versatile than the $300 to $400 Tilia FoodSaver competition… we guarantee it! 

(**) Testing of these Items was performed and documented by Pioneering Concepts Incorporated and added to this list for convenience.