The World’s Fastest, Most Powerful, and Most Versatile Food Vacuum Sealer
The Pump-N-Seal® is the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most versatile food vacuum sealing and marinating system. It is up to 20% more powerful and more than 12% faster than the popular $300 to $400 electric units.  The Pump-N-Seal®  requires no batteries or electricity and easily stores in your kitchen, boat or camper utensil drawer.  The Pump-N-Seal® is the only vacuum sealing system that can vacuum seal ordinary zipper-locking bags, check-valve bags, FreshSaverTM bags, FoodSaver® canisters, ordinary glass jars (that you would normally throw away), Ball/Mason canning jars, tin cans, coffee cups, flip-top canisters, wine bottles and more.

The Pump-N-Seal® also vacuum seals large bulky foods, like heads of lettuce, cabbage, etc  in your own pots, pans or bowls using the accessory product called the Bowl-SealTM Flav-O-Nator® lid set.  Food will stay fresh in the refrigerator for weeks.  The Bowl-SealTM Flav-O-Nator®  lids are completely flat so you can easily stack items on top of them in the refrigerator.  They will vacuum seal any size containers up to their maximum diameters of 8.5” and 11″.  Foods that do not normally require refrigeration will stay fresh of up to 25 years or more in Pump-N-Sealed glass jars.

You can now “vacuum-marinate” foods in seconds or minutes (rather than days) in your own pots, pans or bowls using the Bowl-SealTM Flav-O-Nator® or in ordinary jars, using the amazing vacuum power of the Pump-N-Seal®.