Outperforms every vacuum sealing / marinating
product in the world and costs much less!

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Foods marinate and tenderize almost instantly in the PUMP-N-SEAL's vacuum sealer's powerful vacuum. The vacuum opens up the cell structure of food to allow the marination sauce to penetrate quickly. Now, using the PumpNSeal Food Saver, you can professionally marinate foods in ordinary jars -OR- in your own bowls, pots, and pans using the Bowl-Seal lid accessory.(set of 2). See picture on the Home Page.


The Tab-Chek is a tiny patented reusable check-valve that is applied, like a band-aid, over a hole you punch in a jar lid (punch is provided). One Tab-Chek allows a jar to be vacuum sealed hundreds of times.


For a professional quality vacuum seal that prolongs freshness and flavor, prevents freezer burn, and saves you money on food storage.

Read what our customers have to say about the PUMP-N-SEAL®.

"I was amazed. It did everything you said it would and more. I wish I had heard about Pump-N-Seal ® years ago!
Now...our $300 FoodSaver gathers dust on the shelf!"
Edward Dean Jones, Carthage Texas.

"The Pump-N-Seal ® is so easy to use and works great! I love thinking of new things to try it on.
It's amazing this small, inexpensive pump is so powerful."
Duff M. Hay, Sandwich, Illinois.

"I am very pleased with my Pump-N-Seal®. My friends are amazed.
Thank you for making such a useful product."
Helen Cook, Sebring, Florida

So easy to use, a child can use it. One vacuum sealing operation averages 15 seconds, start to finish.

tab chek

bag adapter


1. Punch hole in lid.
2. Apply Tab-Chek.
3. Position Pump-N-Seal.
4. Pump and remove.

1. Insert bag adapter.
2. Pump a few strokes.
3. Remove adapter and zip.

Package Contains:

1 Pump-N-Seal®
100 Tab-Cheks
1 Hole punch
1 Bag attachment
1 On-line Instruction video


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