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The PUMP-N-SEAL food saver and vacuum sealer, preserves freshness, flavor, nutrients, color, and prevents rancidity and freezer burn. Pump-N-Seal marinating system, also marinates food in seconds/minutes in its powerful vacuum. With the bag attachment, the Pump-N-Seal Ū vacuum food sealer, seals ordinary zipper locking bags. No expensive jars, bags, batteries, or electricity needed. Compact and completely portable. More powerful and faster than $300 electric sealers/marinators. Vacuum sealed zipper locking bags are ready for the freezer or microwave. Ordinary jars are permanently vacuum sealed with the reusable Tab-Chek valves. The Pump-N-Seal Tab-Cheks are small check valves that permanently seal, in seconds, a commercial quality vacuum in jars, bottles, cups, cans, canisters, pots, pans, and bowls over and over again.

Basic Pump-N-Seal,

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* 100 Tab-ChekŪ valves
* Hole Punch
* Bag Attachment
* Foam Block
The Bowl-Seal set,
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* 1 rubberized 11-1/2" lid
* 1 rubberized 8-1/2" lid
* Complete instructions
* Plus Free 55 Tab-Cheks®!

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* How to use PumpN'Seal
* How to use a Bowl-Seal
* How to disassemble/clean
* Use and storage tips
* What to put in jars vs bags

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100 Tab-ChekŪ 

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The BOWL-SEAL is a "must-have: accessory for the Pump-N-Seal that allows you to vacuum seal or instantly marinate foods in your own pots, pans, or bowls of any size.  Keep refrigerated vacuum sealed salads, lettuce, etc., fresh as long as 6 to 10 weeks.  Marinate foods in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days!  The Bowl-Seal is a flat rubberized metal lid that is simply laid on the top of your own container and vacuum sealed with the Pump-n-Seal.  The powerful vacuum holds the Bowl Seal tightly in place until released by lifting the Tab-Chek ® check valve located in the center of the lid.  The Bowl-Seal (comes as a set of two lids; one 11.5 inch and one 8.5 inch diameter) works with the Pump-N-Seal to out perform any other vacuum sealing/marinating system in the world and costs far less.

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