This table is a comparison between various vacuum food savers, food storage containers, vacuum packers, vacuum sealers and marinating steak kitchen appliances: The PumpNSeal out performs all vacuum food sealers, vacuum food storage containers and vacuum packing food kitchen appliances including the Tilia FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal III, Deni Keystone Freshlock Vac Sealer, Hamilton Beach Vac-U-Pac, and the Decosonics Pak'n Save.


SPACE (sq in)
(Pioneering Concepts, Incorporated)
28.9 inches Hg
(over 30 times more powerful than most below)
$62.90 with optional Bowl-Seal*
Ordinary jars, or canning jars, ordinary freezer bags or heat sealable bags, wine bottles, coffee mugs, pots, pans, bowls & more Less than 3

(zero if stored in utensil drawer)

FoodSaver (Tilia) 24.2 inches Hg $200 to $300 Expensive special bags and special containers only. 80+
Pak'n Save (Decosonics) 2.5 inches Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Vac-U-Pac (Hamilton Beach) 0.639 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Freshlock Vac Sealer (Deni/Keystone) 0.448 inch Hg $50 to $60 Special bags only 60+
Seal-A-Meal III (Dazey) less than 1 inch Hg $50 to  $60 Special bags only 60+
Pump-n-store by Creative-Gear (**) 7.2 inches Hg $35 to $60 Special bags/containers only 22+
FreshGUARD by Black & Decker (**) 21 inches Hg $50 to $70 Special bags/containers only 60+

NOTE: The PumpNSeal Vacuum Sealer is up to 3000% more powerful, AND faster than any other food saver, vacuum food sealer or food storage system in the WORLD. Better than Tilia FoodSaver. We can prove it! AND We guarantee it!

(**) Testing of Items was performed and documented by Pioneering Concepts Incorporated and added to this list for convenience.

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